“I wish more medical offices were as efficient and more importantly, I wish they had your equipment!”

S.B. (Richmond, VA) 8/30/13


 “I have a great deal of experience both personally & professionally in the medical field. Dr. Bard is one of the finest innovators & clinicians in my experience & his office is superbly staffed & run.”

B.W. (New York, NY) 8/29/13


“Good morning Dr Bard. Thank you for yesterday’s visit. I appreciated: professional & competent exam; your manner of dealing with patients; especially the unique, sophisticated 3D Color Doppler and prompt reading of the studies. However, I was even more impressed – and appreciative – that not only did you and Eastside Imaging, promptly complete, and read the MRI, but you took the time at 7 pm, to phone me on my cell (just on my way back from Tampa Airport to Sarasota) just to tell me the tumor was local. I realize that to maintain your stability, you need to somewhat detach yourself from all the cancers you see, but to have the compassion to actually consider the patient, and take the time and effort, just to advise me of a simple message, is very much appreciated. Sorry to say, few doctors have that much integrity”

M.P. (Sarasota, FL) 8/21/12


“I wish most of Australian doctors and staff were as efficient as Dr Bard’s staff”

V.C. (Sydney, Australia) 5/31/12


“Everyone in the office was so helpful. I am extremely excited about the advancement in laser treatment that Dr Bard is helping to spread the word about. Thank you so much for the care you have in your work”

L.C. (Sydney, Australia) 5/31/12


“Dr Bard and his team are a breath of fresh air, very professional and forward thinking. A great service to prostate cancer survivors

M.D. (Auckland, New Zealand) 6/9/10


“Appreciate the alternative approach nutrition”

F.H. (Ontario, Canada) 1/27/07


“I am optimistic and feel an unusual level of confidence from your manner, expertise and technology. I look forward to our next visit”

J.L. (Onalaska, WI) 10/31/06


“The plane ticket and the cost of the scan is insignificant compared to my piece of mind now that I knowI am currently cancer free. Thank you Dr Bard”

J.C. (Ontario, Canada) 7/28/05

“I am extremely pleased with the diagnosis and thorough attention in my behalf”

A.P. (Morris, NJ) 3/17/05


“I am grateful to have heard of Dr Bard and of the Doppler Imaging. I am thankful for the result- good, and thankful to Dr Bard”

J.L. (Huntington, WV) 3/16/05


“I got great news! The doctor and his staff are awesome”

L.A. (Bakersville, NC) 3/7/05


“What a relief to find that I do not have active cancer. Now I can get on with my life without any more biopsies. Thank you Dr Bard”

R.E. (Alberta, Canada) 7/13/04


“Complete confidence in Dr. Bard’s findings”

W.B. (Japan) 4/2/04


“Only problem is that I live 4,000 miles away. Move closer!

S. L (Stockholm, Sweden) 12/4/03


“The receptionists, technician and the doctor are very pleasant and courteous”

G.B. (Philippines) 9/19/03


“Dr Bard seems now like an old friend – caring and helpful”

A.R. (Sydney, Australia) 6/9/03


“The work of the future – today. This exam should replace all others concerning prostate”

A.P. (Bogota, Columbia) 6/25/03


“Should be done before considering a biopsy”

E. O. (Bogota, Columbia) 12/5/02


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